We represent national and foreign clients in litigations involving different fields of law, such as:

  • Civil and Commercial Law in general;
  • Contracts;
  • Intellectual Property;
  • Corporate Law;
  • Credit recovery;
  • Consumer Law;
  • Unfair competition.

The combativeness and drive for results are characteristic features of our litigation department. The litigation team is solidly experienced in different types of judicial disputes, before the state and federal courts at their various levels, including the higher courts (Superior Court of Appeals – STJ and Federal Supreme Court – STF). 

We seek to convey comprehension of the Brazilian system so to ease an understanding of the differences between lawsuits in Brazil and in other countries. This practice area also includes pre-litigation and preventive assistance to repeal the risks of lawsuits, as well as the designing of strategies to reduce contingencies via negotiations, agreements and deals.

Adopting a multidiscipline approach, we work with experts and reliable professionals in several areas such as the economy, accounting, engineering, medical, the environment, among others. We also have an vast network of correspondents throughout the capitals of the states of Brazil that provide local support whenever needed.

Similar to other areas and professionals of our law firm, the litigation department is held highly prestigious by many organizations and directories, national and international, as one of the country’s finest.

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